G HO N Scale Accessories

G Scale Model Trains

 G Scale or "Gauge 1" is becoming more and more popular  in Australia everyday. 

 With great products available from LGB, Massoth , there is far more selection available to you than ever before.

 The flexibility that these products bring, opens up a range of options for building a large scale layout to suit everybody.

 We also have put in a order from LGB new products for 2018

 Maybe you now have extra space in the house or garage, more time on you hands or have just decided to take you interest in model railroading outdoors into your garden, then we have everything to help you get started.



LGB 51920
$181.82 excl. GST
LGB 51920 European Home Signal G Scale
lgb 51940
$213.64 excl. GST
LGB 51940 European Home Signal
Fleischmann 9475
$113.64 excl. GST
Fleischmann 9475 N Roundhouse Kit
Fleischmann 9152
$454.55 excl. GST
Fleischmann N 9152 Turntable With Electric Drive
Fleischmann 6476
$136.36 excl. GST
Fleischmann 6476 H0 Roundhouse Kit
Fleischmann 6152
$654.55 excl. GST
Fleischmann H0 6152 Turntable With Electric Drive and Accessories ...
LGB 50174
$272.73 excl. GST
LGB 50174 Train Controller and comes with an Australian transformer
lgb 50560
$63.64 excl. GST
LGB 50560 Double Arm 2 Lamp G Scale Station Light for Outdoor Use .
NOCH 66822
$286.36 excl. GST
Noch 66822 HO Micro-Motion Open-Air Film Festival Open-Air ...
Fleischmann 6915
$340.91 excl. GST
Fleischmann 6915 Turntable Control Unit - DCC Train Automation
PIKO 35002
$290.91 excl. GST
PIKO 35002 Analog Throttle 22V / 5A Analog Speed Controller
PIKO 35411
$90.91 excl. GST
PIKO #35411 Track Cleaning Set – Block, Pads, Fluid
PIKO 35260
$109.09 excl. GST
Piko 35260 Switch Control Box (Compatible w/LGB) -
LGB 5009
$181.82 excl. GST
LGB 5009 2X Booster Power Amplifier, Collection Item
LGB 10020
$31.82 excl. GST
LGB 10020 Nr1002 Orange Train Rerailer G Scale
LGB 50650
$127.27 excl. GST
LGB Trains Crossing Gates 50650 G Scale Model Railroads
LGb 51755
$181.82 excl. GST
LGB 51755 G Accessory Control Box Momentary for Operating ..
LGB 51750
$181.82 excl. GST
LGB 51800
$181.82 excl. GST
LGB 51800 On/Off Control Box Collection Item
LGB 50550
$54.55 excl. GST
LGB 50550 Station Light Single -G Scale